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Since 2013 I did 20+ Engineered Systems deployments throughout UK for retail, finance and insurance companies. Starting with Exadata X3 I did variety of jobs in the area:

  • Setting up network and software requirements using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant (OEDA).
  • Stacking, racking and powering on of the Exadata system.
  • Initial deployment using OEDA (applyElasticConfig.sh).
  • Loading the configuration and software using OEDA (install.sh).
  • Upgrade from an Eighth rack to Quarter rack - software and hardware.
  • Upgrade of Quarter rack with new storage cells and compute nodes.
  • Mix and match storage cells and compute nodes to create new Exadata system.
  • Massive and complex upgrade of a live system of 2x Exadata X4-8 with another X4-8 rack.
  • Re-image of storage cells and compute nodes with latest available software.
  • Upgrade of Exadata systems with latest storage software using rolling and non-rolling approach.
  • Complex upgrade of swapping 2TB disks to 4TB disks across all storage cells with restore of Oracle Clusterware configuration and restore of all databases.
  • Replacement of the Cisco admin switch with new Top of the rack switch and re-cabling the admin interfaces of all components.
  • Stacking and racking Oracle ZFS storage appliance and connecting it to the Exadata infiniband switches.

Here is a map of the 15+ Data Centers in the UK where I have done Exadata work:

Data Centers in UK

Cloud Experience:

  • Maintenance of X7 half rack in OCI.
  • Deployment and extension of X8M in OCI with additional compute nodes and storage cells.
  • Migration of databases from another tenancy to another through Oracle Object Storage.

I'm also Oracle Exadata certified:
Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 Certified Implementation Specialist