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Grid Infrastructure 12c installation fails because of 255 in the subnet ID

I was doing another GI cluster installation last month when I got really weird error.

While root.sh was running on the first node I got the following error:

2016/07/01 15:02:10 CLSRSC-343: Successfully started Oracle Clusterware stack
2016/07/01 15:02:23 CLSRSC-180: An error occurred while executing the command '/ocw/grid/bin/oifcfg setif -global eth0/ eth1/' (error code 1)
2016/07/01 15:02:24 CLSRSC-287: FirstNode configuration failed
Died at /ocw/grid/crs/install/crsinstall.pm line 2398.

I was surprised to find the following error in the rootcrs log file:

2016-07-01 15:02:22: Executing cmd: /ocw/grid/bin/oifcfg setif -global eth0/ eth1/
2016-07-01 15:02:23: Command output:
 > PRIF-15: invalid format for subnet
>End Command output

Quick MOS search suggested that my installation failed because I had 255 in the subnet ID:
root.sh fails with CLSRSC-287 due to: PRIF-15: invalid format for subnet (Doc ID 1933472.1)

Indeed we had 255 in the private network ( Fortunately this was in our private network which was easy to change but you will still hit this issue if you public network has 255 subnet ID.