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Database system target in pending status for standby database in OEM 12c

That's not really a problem but annoying issue I had with OEM 12c. Once a standby database is promoted, the database system for the same is showing as metric collections error OR Status Pending.

The standby database doesn't need its own system since it will join the primary database system. The solution is to associate the standby database with the primary system and then remove the standby database system.

For example - we've got primary and standby databases - TESTDB_LON, TESTDB_RDG. Once promoted the following targets are also created in OEM - TESTDB_LON_sys and TESTDB_RDG_sys.

The second one will always be having status Pending:
Status Pending (Post Blackout)

The way to resolve that is to associate the standby database with the primary database system. I usually rename the primary database system as well to omit the location (LON and RDG):

  • Go to the Targets -> Systems and choose the system you want to edit
  • Then go to Database System -> Target Setup -> Edit system
  • Rename the system name from TESTDB_LON_sys to TESTDB_sys
  • Save changes
  • Go to Database System again, Target Setup -> Edit system
  • Click next to go to Step 2
  • Add the standby database to the Standby Database Associations table
  • Save changes

At this point we've got one system TESTDB_sys with two database members TESTDB_LON and TESTDB_RDG.

Next step is to remove the database system for the standby using emcli:

[oracle@oem12c ~]$ /opt/app/oracle/em12cr4/middleware/oms/bin/emcli login -username=sysman
Enter password :
Login successful

[oracle@oem12c ~]$ /opt/app/oracle/em12cr4/middleware/oms/bin/emcli delete_target -name="TESTDB_RDG_sys" -type="oracle_dbsys"
Target "TESTDB_RDG_sys:oracle_dbsys" deleted successfully

Now it's all sorted and hopefully all targets are "green".