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EMDIAG Repvfy 12c kit - installation

Recently I’m doing a lot of OEM stuff for a customer and I’ve decided to tidy and clean up a little bit. The OEM version was 12cR2 and it was used for monitoring few Exadata’s and had around 650 targets. I planned to upgrade OEM to 12cR3, upgrade all agents and plugins, promote any un-promoted targets and delete any old/stale targets, at the end of the day I wanted up to date version of OEM and up to date information about the monitored targets. Upgrade to 12cR3 went easy and smooth, described here in details, upgrade of agents and plugins went fairly easy as well. After some time everything was looking fine, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t missed anything so from one thing to another I found EMDIAG Repository Verification utility. It’s something I heard Julian Dontcheff mentioning for the first time on one of the BGOUG conferences and it’s something I was always looking to try. So in series of posts I will describe installation of emdiag kit and how I fixed some of the problems I faced with my OEM repository.

What is EMDIAG kit

Basically EMDIAG consists of three kits: - Repository verification (repvfy) – extracts data from the repository and run series of tests against the repository to help diagnose problems with OEM - Agent verification (agtvfy) – troubleshoot problems with OEM agents - OMS verification (omsvfy) – troubleshoot problems with the OEM management repository service In this and following posts I’ll be referring to the first one - repository verification kit. EMDIAG repvfy kit consist of set of tests which are run against OEM repository to help EM administrator to troubleshoot, analyze and help resolve OEM related problems. The kit uses a shell and perl script as wrapper and a lot SQL scripts to run different tests and collect information from the repository. It’s good to know that the emdiag kit has been around for some quite long time and it' is available also for Grid Control 10g and 11g and DB Control 10g and 11g. This posts refer to the EMDIAG Repvfy 12c kit which can be installed only in a Cloud Control Management Repository 12c. Also emdiag kit repvfy 12c will be included in the RDA Release 4.30. Apart from finding and resolving specific problem with emdiag kit it would be a good practice to run it at least once per week/month to check for any new problems that are reported. ##### Installing EMDIAG repvfy kit

Installation if pretty simple and straight forward, first download EMDIAG repvfy 12c kit from following MOS note: EMDIAG REPVFY Kit for Cloud Control 12c - Download, Install/De-Install and Upgrade (Doc ID 1426973.1) Just set your ORACLE_HOME to the database hosting the Cloud Control Management Repository and create new directory emdiag where the tool will be unziped: [sourcecode language="bash"][oracle@em ~]$ . oraenv ORACLE_SID = [oracle] ? GRIDDB The Oracle base for ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1 is /opt/oracle [oracle@em ~]$ cd $ORACLE_HOME [oracle@em db_1]$ mkdir emdiag [oracle@em db_1]$ cd emdiag/ [oracle@em emdiag]$ unzip -q /tmp/repvfy12c20131008.zip [oracle@em emdiag]$ cd bin [oracle@em bin]$ ./repvfy install Please enter the SYSMAN password: ... ... COMPONENT            INFO -------------------- -------------------- EMDIAG Version       2013.1008 EMDIAG Edition       2 Repository Version Database Version Test Version         2013.1015 Repository Type      CENTRAL Verify Tests         496 Object Tests         196 Deployment           SMALL [oracle@em ~]$[/sourcecode] And that’s it, emdiag kit for repository verification is now installed and we can start digging into OEM repository. With next post we'll get some knowledge on the basics and commands used for verification and diagnostics. ##### EMDIAG repvfy blog series:

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