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Unable to load Audit Vault console after login

Well, this is quick notice in case someone else got into this error. I'm having Audit Vault server, patched up to and its repository database to The problem is that I'm able to connect as av_admin into the console, but not as av_auditor. When I try to login as av_auditor I've got redirected to wrong URL, like this one:

It's obvious that's wrong, port 0 does not exist and I'm getting error Unable to connect in the browser.

Just to make sure whether this is the problem, check to see if the lsnrctl status is having line like this one:


Also use dbms_xdb.gethttpport to get the port on which the console is listening at:

SELECT DBMS_XDB.gethttpport() from dual;


These tips are described at the documentation Oracle® Audit Vault Administrator's Guide, in particular A.3.6.1 Oracle Audit Vault Reports Not Displaying

The correct port of Oracle Audit Vault Reports HTTP is 5707 and running the above query should return exactly this port. If this is the case and you get port 0, then login as sysdba and set the correct port:


PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

Make sure the changes are applied:

SQL> SELECT DBMS_XDB.gethttpport() from dual;


And finally register the database:


You're now happy Audit Vault auditor who can login successfully to the console.