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OOW2010 - finally there

Well, it's been long month I was busy, doing a lot of stuff and especially implementing Oracle Audit Vault for which I'll post (someday) several issues I faced with. Anyway I arrived at San Francisco seven hours ago after long journey from Sofia, now I just woke up, got the breakfast and I'm heading to the Moscone.

My route was from Sofia, Frankfurt, Washington and San Francisco. Yesterday morning I flight to Frankfurt for two hours and there I have to waited for five our to get the plane to Washington. The flight to Washington was flawless and the food was good, but arriving at Washington I had to wait for two hours for the customs and then for the x-rays and yes I missed the plane to San Francisco. Actually it was impossible to catch it and all the people with connection flights missed theirs. Fortunately I found few more people attending the OWW and we had some beers until we wait for the next plane (waiting for another 4 hours) for which we have been re-scheduled and put in the standby list. I think it was hopeless as the flight was fully booked and the plane was with only 144 seats, but fortunately all of us got on the plane (probably someone else had the same problem with the customs and x-rays).

The good news is that on my way back I'm having San Francisco, Munich, Sofia which I hope to be less than my 32 hours traveling to San Francisco.

This is my first Open World, I've read and listen a lot so I'm very exited. I hope to see good sessions, meet some friends and probably meet new people.

Regards, Sve