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Constant cimprovagt daemon crashing and filling the /var directory

We installed two nodes with HP-UX 11.31 March 2009 BOE in a ServiceGuard environment and started test applications in two packets. Suddenly the /var directories on both nodes started to grow and respectively the cluster was crashing because of that and the syslog was never up to date. It turns out that some of the components (cimprovagt) of the OnlineDiagnostics were crashing. I reviewed few advisories and bugs about it, but none of them were having the same behaviour.

Executing file on the core dump file shows the following: core:

ELF-64 core file - IA64 from 'cimprovagt' - received SIGABRT

HP analyzed the core dump files and determined that the problem is already known and the fix is already implemented in September release of DASProvider, which is now part of the DiagProdCollection bundle and can be download from HP Software Depot portal.

After installing the bundle the daemon stopped crashing and the system is stable now.