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Cannot start HP Integrity Virtual Machines Manager

System: HP-UX 11.31 DCOE Match 2009, installed HP-SIM and HPVM

This error is shown on the System Management Homepage when I try to open HP Integrity Virtual Machines Manager:

An error occurred collecting data query failed.
An error occurred communicating with WBEM: CIM_ERR_FAILED CIM_ERR_FAILED: @1:An internal error has occurred.[hpvm_get_rsrc_controller:115:scheduler failure]

Which looked like the HP Integrity Virtual Machines are not running and when I try to start them I get the following:

root@itan2:/# /sbin/init.d/hpvm start
NOTE:  HPSIM-HP-UX is incompatible with Integrity VM software and should be removed.
ERROR: Integrity VM software cannot be started when hyperthreading is enabled
(getconf SC_HT_ENABLED). Use /usr/sbin/setboot -m off and reboot to enable
this system as an Integrity VM host.
root@itan2:/# getconf SC_HT_ENABLED

On page 24 and 26 of HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.1 Installation, Configuration, and Administration manual there are few requirements. In this particular case the two items which block Integrity VM Version 4.1 from starting are HP System Insight Manager (HP SIM) Server bundle and hyperthreading. First check for installed HPSIM product with the following command:

swlist | grep HPSIM-HP-UX

Remove with swremove if necessary.
Then check to see if the hyperthreading which if it is enabled. On page 26 of the manual there is a note regarding the hyperthreating:

NOTE: Integrity VM Version 4.1 does not support hyperthreading. Specify the following command to turn off hyperthreading; otherwise, Integrity VM will not start:

/usr/sbin/setboot -m off

Reboot the system and then HP Integrity Virtual Machines will start normally and respectively HP Integrity Virtual Machines Manager will start and will be available at the HP SMH.