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Speaking at Oracle Open World 2014

September 25th, 2014 No comments

I’m more than happy that I will be speaking at this year’s Oracle Open World. The first and only time I attended was back in 2010 and now I’m not only attending but speaking as well!

Both with Jason Arneil will talk about what we’ve learned on our Exadata implementations with two of the biggest UK retailers so please join us:
Session ID: CON2224
Session Title: Oracle Exadata Migrations: Lessons Learned from Retail
Venue / Room: Moscone South – 310
Date and Time: 9/30/14, 15:45 – 16:30

I would like to thank E-DBA and especially Jason for making this happen!

I’m also planning to attend Oaktable World 2014 and Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – Bloggers Meetup for the best part of OOW – really technical sessions and networking!

See you there!



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Oracle announces Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

October 4th, 2011 No comments

Yesterday at Open World, Oracle announced the release of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c release 1 (version, where c stand for cloud. EM12c is a management solution providing centralised monitoring, administration, and lifecycle management functionality for the complete IT infrastructure.

A lot of organisations deploy private cloud environments to offer great flexibility to business users and meet SLAs and security requirements. The Oracle response to these demands is Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c which offers complete life cycle cloud management – setup, deliver and manage clouds.

Once deployed IT must first setup the cloud infrastructure by defining share storage pools and compute resources. Administrators could also design a catalogue of virtual machines, assemblies, databases and applications and publish it.

It allows administrators to monitor usage, setup metering and chargeback for users, manage deployed applications, manage assets, link applications to MOS. It also allows quick to identify, diagnose and resolve incidents from a single console.


  • The press release, Oracle Unveils Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
  • Short flash presentation of Cloud Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Video Series are available here.
  • Meanwhile Oracle Learning is adding more videos to YouTube and they could be found here.
  • The full installer (OMS, Agent and Repository) is available for Linux x86-64 (64-bit) and could be download from here.
  • The Oracle Management Agent software can be downloaded using the Self Update feature within the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console or use Self Update feature in offline mode then manually download the sar files available here.
  • Documentation is available here, thanks to Gokhan Atil for the link.
  • Installation requires Oracle Weblogic Server 10.3.5, which is already included in the package and installed by default.
  • Installation requires certified  Oracle Database on which Oracle Management Repository will be configured. The certified versions of Oracle Database are from onwards. The EM12c itself could manage databases from onwards.
  • You could upgrade your EM 10g GC Release 5 ( or EM 11g GC Release 1 ( to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (
  • I’m still unable to find any MOS notes regarding EM12c – few notes already appeared at MOS, refer to last update for more information.



  • What’s New in Enterprise Manager 12c Install, here.
  • Documentation library is now available here.


  • Enterprise Manager Grid Control and Database Control Certification with 11g R2 Database [ID 1266977.1]
  • If repository database is less than, additional packages has to be applied. Refer at MOS Certification for more information.


  • How to Install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (12c) [ID 1359176.1]
  • EM12c: How to install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Agent [ID 1360183.1]
  • Master Index for Cloud Control Agent Installation, Upgrade and Patching [ID 1363767.1]
  • FAQ: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Install / Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions [ID 1363863.1]
  • Master Index for Cloud Control Oracle Management Service (OMS) and Repository Installation, Upgrade and Patching [ID 1363769.1]


Master Index for Cloud Control Oracle Management Service (OMS) and Repository Installation, Upgrade and Patching [ID 1363769.1]

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OOW2010 – finally there

September 19th, 2010 No comments

Well, it’s been long month I was busy, doing a lot of stuff and especially implementing Oracle Audit Vault for which I’ll post (someday) several issues I faced with. Anyway I arrived at San Francisco seven hours ago after long journey from Sofia, now I just woke up, got the breakfast and I’m heading to the Moscone.

My route was from Sofia, Frankfurt, Washington and San Francisco. Yesterday morning I flight to Frankfurt for two hours and there I have to waited for five our to get the plane to Washington. The flight to Washington was flawless and the food was good, but arriving at Washington I had to wait for two hours for the customs and then for the x-rays and yes I missed the plane to San Francisco. Actually it was impossible to catch it and all the people with connection flights missed theirs. Fortunately I found few more people attending the OWW and we had some beers until we wait for the next plane (waiting for another 4 hours) for which we have been re-scheduled and put in the standby list. I think it was hopeless as the flight was fully booked and the plane was with only 144 seats, but fortunately all of us got on the plane (probably someone else had the same problem with the customs and x-rays).

The good news is that on my way back I’m having San Francisco, Munich, Sofia which I hope to be less than my 32 hours traveling to San Francisco.

This is my first Open World, I’ve read and listen a lot so I’m very exited. I hope to see good sessions, meet some friends and probably meet new people.


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