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SIOUG Conference

More than a week after the SIOUG (Slovenian Oracle User Group) I wanted to say thanks to Joze Senegacnik for inviting me and for being very hospitable.

I’ve been many times in Slovenia, but It’s my first time being at the SIOUG and I really liked it. There were a lot of people, the hotel was at the sea side and Croatia was just on the other side of the sea, just a few kilometres away. Speaking about Croatia I met Vladimir and Davor from HROUG.

I also met Doug Burns and Debra Lilley and they are really cool people.

Oracle Open World starts in two days. Although I won’t be able to attend it this year I’m pretty excited about the new products and announcements.


p.s. I met Stanley in a cave where The Human Fish lives, wonder what was he doing there.

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  • It was very good fun to meet you and I’m only sorry that it didn’t last long enough because of work commitments, but that’s why I agreed to present at BGOUG autumn conference, so I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon šŸ™‚

    ++ on the thanks to Joze. A great host!



  • Svetoslav Gyurov

    Hey Doug, it was very good meeting you too and we had a nice chat. Yep, I’ll see you there for sure, BGOUG lasts for three days, plus the weather will be “good” (from below zero to 15-17 degrees) šŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by!