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Oracle 11g R2 installer fails on HP-UX 11iv3

Running the installer of any of the products (client, grid, database) of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on HP-UX 11iv3 (Itanium) fails with:
“An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework”

After starting ./runInstaller the following error window pops-up:
runInstaller error

Also at the installAction$DATE.log the following error can be seen:

SEVERE: [FATAL] An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework
Unable to get the current group.

This happens, because patch PHCO_40381 is not installed. There is a list of patches to be installed at 2.3.4 Patch Requirement of the Database Installation guide for HP-UX.

The first one is:
PHCO_40381 11.31 Disk Owner Patch

The patch is available from ITRC. It’s 205Kb big and it fixes behavior of the command diskowner. The installation of the patch does not require reboot of the server.

After the installation of the patch, runInstaller starts succesfully.

There is also MOS Doc ID regarding this problem:
HP-UX: 11gR2 runInstaller Fails with “An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework” [ID 983713.1]


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  • Paulina

    hello, currently I’m doing this installation, and before , I put several patches including PHCO_40381 11.31 , but continues to set the same error. “An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework”
    You know why this is?

    Greetings and Thanks

  • Sve

    Hi Paulina,

    Thanks for reading. Well I faced this error only once and it was because the patch wasn’t installed. I’ll shot in the dark: have you installed all the required patches described in the installation guide ? Is nsswitch.conf configured and are hosts file entries correct ?


  • KevB

    Thanks, this Patch solved my problem straight away.

  • Sve


    Thanks for reading, I’m glad it helped you. 🙂


  • mani

    Hi thanks for u r post
    i successfully jump from that error. i got an another error ins-06006 at the time of ssh check.please let me to know the solution for that error

  • Svetoslav Gyurov

    Hi, thanks for reading!

    Well this was enough for me to continue with the installation. I think this error has something to do with the SSH and RAC. Are you installing RAC, if yes did your nodes hostnames resolv correctly ? Also did you setup any SSH keys for passwordless connectivity.


  • richardgerardo

    Hello, i’m installing this patch, it raise the same error, i’m going to review this patch and i’ll try again